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This must be the question running through your mind right now. Foreign nurses has served thousands of NCLEX-RN® applicants and we have never failed. Every applicant that has processed using our services has been able to take NCLEX® and has enjoyed headache-free, stress-free application processing and has eliminated financial losses. Here are the reasons why you should always think of Foreign Nurses LLC.


In every industry, experience says a lot about a company you are about to choose to help you attain your nursing career goals. Foreign Nurses has been in the industry for the last 4 years, helping nurses from all over the world to work in the United States of America. Our employees are also experienced in the same field to ensure that you enjoy excellent services and 100% satisfaction. 

Throughout the years that we have been in the industry, we have created a mutual relationship who help us process our clients’ documents within a short time. Thus, working with Foreign Nurses, you will always enjoy 100% guaranteed efficiency, reliability, and satisfaction.

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Foreign Nurses LLC is a registered company in the United States of America, has met all legal requirements, and is certified to offer its services in both, US and around the globe to deliver on all the services we promise you.


Therefore, we’re a 100% legit company and you can always count on us when it comes to matters of business coaching of foreign nurses into the US job market. We’re the most trustworthy company, you can always wish to work with. You can also look at our customer reviews and ratings available on the internet or contact us for more information.


Over the years we have provided our clients with excellent services and as a result, we have enjoyed massive referrals from them. Our team is made up of professional and experienced individuals who have been vital in the success of Foreign Nurse LLC.


As a company, we have a thorough hiring process that ensures we only hire the best brains in the industry. Again, we also take our employees through customer service training frequently to keep them abreast with the new developments in customer service.



Our services are quite affordable compared to the quality, effectiveness, and reliability you enjoy when working with us. We value your satisfaction and we don’t rest till we deliver on our promises. Foreign Nurses LLC is guided by trustworthiness, competency, and transparency. All our processes are clear to everyone and as a client you are free to request any details you need about the services you expect from us.


Foreign Nurses LLC is a reputable company that has built a good name through high-quality and reliable services. Our ratings are super impressive and the feedback we get from our clients encourages us to go the extra mile to satisfy them.



When working with Foreign Nurses LLC, you can always be sure, you can find us anytime you need us. Call us for clarification or when you have any inquiries. Our customer help desk is operational 24 hours a day and our able team is always available to listen to you. The coaches for both group and one-on-one sessions are also available around the clock to guide you.

For more information or clarification about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us via our email or fill in the contact form on the website. We reply to the emails within 24hrs. Our call lines are also available all the time, call us at 7322680384

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