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Bernide Belizaire Larose MSN

Bernide is not just a nurse; she's a dedicated and passionate leader with a flair for turning dreams into reality. With a Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in education from Grand Canyon University, she's redefining what's possible for foreign-trained nurses.

Bernide's story is one of triumph and trailblazing. She took on the challenge of the NCLEX exam, bypassing the need for additional schooling in the United States. This remarkable achievement led her to spearhead a movement in the Haitian community. Bernide empowers nurses from the African diaspora to become registered nurses, proving that barriers are meant to be shattered.

As the visionary owner of Foreignnurses, Bernide's mission is nothing short of inspiring. She's on a mission to unlock doors for nurses from Haiti, guiding them towards NCLEX success. With unwavering dedication and personalized guidance, she transforms dreams into tangible success stories. Through her work, she's not just changing careers; she's changing lives.

Bernide's journey started in Haiti with a Bachelor's in Nursing, a testament to her foundation of knowledge and dedication. Her pursuit of a Master's in nursing education further fortifies her as a leader in the field, armed with the expertise and vision needed to guide others toward success.

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